A Brief Introduction

There is nothing so self-indulgent as a blog of one’s own, and I’m under no illusion; I’m reasonably sure that nobody will stumble upon this blog and pronounce it a Pulitzer Prize winner. And, accordingly, that’s not the intention.

What will I write about, then? Mostly guff about what’s made me angry today (there’ll probably be a lot of that), snippets about my cats, the weather, British newspapers (which links in nicely with the ‘stuff that made me angry today’), the few TV shows I watch and possibly reviews of the multitude of hair dyes I use, because goodness knows I’d have found such a thing useful before I bought the bloody things.

So yes. Potentially an extraordinarily dull corner of the interweb, but sod it. I’ve got to have some outlet or I’ll implode messily.


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