Absolute Platinum My Arse

Let me introduce you to Schwarzkopf Live XXL: Absolute Platinum.

Now of course, I didn’t expect to go the colour on the box. I’ve dyed my hair enough times to know that you never get the colour on the box, and since my hair was already a pinkish-reddish non-colour:

Well, I wasn’t really aiming for platinum anyway. I am blessed dubiously with pasty white skin prone to red blotchiness at random, so I’m not sure the Vanilla Ice look is one I’m made for. No, I just wanted a ‘roughly blonde’ shade with which to mess around.

It’s also worth noting, at this juncture, that I suck beyond belief at applying lightening dye. My slapdash technique works okay with ordinary dyes, which are liquid enough so that the “Jackson Pollock” method eventually seeps in, with a little massaging, and coats all of my hair. Not so with lightening dye, which has a thicker constistency and clings to your hair, resisting attempts to spread it.

The Schwarzkopf effort was easy to put together and, surprisingly, smelled quite pleasant (which is handy – I have to lock myself into the bathroom so Wilson doesn’t try to drink the dye) but I didn’t think there was quite enough in the bottle. My hair is just shy of shoulder length and of moderate thickness and I didn’t feel like it was particularly well covered.

I left the dye in for around 45 minutes, avoiding the roots as they were already blonde. The result was something akin to a nuclear explosion in a custard factory:


Needless to say, I have purchased an ash blonde dye and I’m going to sort out this yellow mess. But seriously Schwarzkopf? Wtf?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kate
    Jan 11, 2011 @ 13:08:27

    i used this and it went exactly the colour on the box, but as i had some bright red streaks in it before i had to dye those sections twice


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